Repaint of Gloria Beauty Salon Playset into Ever After High Holly & Poppy O' Hair Salon

After a brief hiatus due to moving, I finally feel settled and organized enough to create again. For my first project since early April, I decided to repaint a Gloria Beauty Salon Playset to fit in the Ever After High world for the O' Hair sisters, Holly and Poppy. I have very minimal experience using spray paint but I knew that it was the best medium to repaint this set.


*Google Search Photo*

I started off by sketching the set and planning the colors to use for each piece. Once that was complete, I disassembled the set and separated each piece by color. I made sure to disconnect all of the pieces that I did not want spray painted as well, such as the faucet knobs, mirror, lights, etc. I used Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover spray paint that specifically said "Also Bonds to Plastic!" on the can (this is very important.) Each can was less than $4 at WalMart and I chose Gloss Grape, Semi-Gloss Black, and Gloss Berry Pink for the main set. I also used Metallic Bright Silver for some of the accessories.


Next, I spray painted each group its respective color outside, during a sunny day, with little wind. I painted one side, waited for it to dry, and then flipped the pieces over to paint the other side. The whole process took only about an hour because the pieces were small with a light coat of paint.


At this point, all I had to do was reassemble the playset. If you've ever purchased a Gloria playset, then you already know that the connections are flimsy and sometimes fall apart. Well as I put the pieces together, I also hot-glued some of the weaker areas together so that my new creation would last. Throughout the process, some of the paint scratched off during assembly so a final touch-up was necessary after completion.


My repaint is nothing special. I definitely could've added more detail but for about 2 hours of work, I ABSOLUTELY love it! I'm also super proud of myself because this is not something that I normally do. Behold the splendor:


Gloria Beauty Salon Playset Before:

*Google Search Photo*


Gloria Beauty Salon Playset After:


I printed off Ever After High pictures to place near the mirror to make the station more convincing.


Fun Times!




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