17" Monster High Frankie Stein Customized into Scarah Screams

17" Frankie Stein Doll Transformed into Scarah Screams

Happy New Year All! This year I really want to work on craft projects that add to my personal enjoyment rather than create to sell products in my shop. I feel like that approach will release some latent creative juices. With that in mind, here is a brief overview of my process customizing 17 inch Monster High Frankie Stein into Scarah Screams. I am not an expert in this area. I watch alot of YouTube videos and read alot of articles but if you have any questions for me then please leave a comment or Contact me!

 The thought of doing "face-ups" terrifies me but I felt like this custom would be a manageable challenge. If you think about, all you have to do to transform Frankie into Scarah is to change her hair and remove her pupils/irises, stitches, and neck bolts. Sounds super easy, right? Well it kinda was...


Frankie Stein Before Picture



Frankie Stein transformed into Scarah Screams


Supplies List:


Cotton Swabs

Mod Podge

Flocking Powder

Detail Paintbrushes


Gloss Varnish


  1. Remove stitches and pupils/irises with acetone. Leave as much of the eye makeup and sclera intact as possible unless you want to change the makeup. I also removed her lipstick because I felt comfortable repainting the lips. This step was relatively easy, however, my doll had patches of sticky residue from the stitches that I was never able to resolve.

Acetone and Cotton Swabs 

  1. Remove the neck bolts. I used wire cutters then filed down the nub with a nail file. 
  1. Cut off as much hair as possible with scissors. Soak the head in a hot water bath in order to make it pliable enough to remove easily. I used boiling hot water even though most videos I've seen say that you don't need to use water that hot. Popping the head off was a challenge. I used a flathead screwdriver to help pry it off and f.y.i. the neck can withstand ALOT of pressure because it took me more than a few tries. 
  1. Use that same flathead screwdriver (your best friend) and scrape the glue from the scalp from the inside. I was able to get 98% of the hair stubble off this way but some strands were too stubborn. For the remaining strands, I just used a pair of normal tweezers and picked them out.

Frankie Stein with Hair Removed and Flocked Head 

  1. At this point, the only thing left to do is cleanup the face paint. I, however, am an overachiever and wanted to try flocking her head so that she would have a fresh appearance even without a wig. This was my first attempt at flocking (which I also saw on a YouTube video) and I rather quite enjoyed it and the result. I used Mod Podge and black Flocking Powder.

Mod Podge and Flocking Powder 

  1. Repaint the eyes and other missing details. The brand Apple Barrel is good quality and reasonably priced. First, I used white paint to fill in the eye. Then I used black paint to perfect the eyeliner over the eye. I also used black paint to repaint the eyebrows. I did not remove the original paint; I simply painted black over what was already there. Lastly, I used a paint in color Pink Blush mixed with a Gloss Varnish to repaint Scarah's lips.

Paint and Paintbrushes

 Scarah Screams Repaint

  1. The rest consists of the fine details. I purchased a black wig online in size 8-9. I spray painted 17" Maddie Hatter's shoes black. I made a headband and made Scarah's dress by modifying my "Burst into Tiers" Halter Dress Sewing Pattern.

Size Comparison of Scarah Screams normal doll and 17" custom doll

Yay!! Now I have a new character to add to my 17" Monster High Doll Collection :-)

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