What is Rement?

What is rement? I think the better question is, “What is it not???” Rement is anything and everything you can imagine but in highly-detailed miniature form! By anything you can imagine, I mean mostly food, furniture, décor, and everyday-use items. Many sets also incorporate licensed characters like Pokemon, Sanrio, My Hero Academia, etc. In actuality, Rement is a Japanese company whose name is a portmanteau of “Reform the Entertainment.” They are a self-described, “toy maker that focuses on figures and miscellaneous goods.” They are also the best kept secret in the doll community. The most common product is themed sets of 8-10 blind boxes that can be purchased either individually or as an entire set in a larger box.

  Rement Blind Boxes

They are fantastically realistic and detailed and look amazing in dioramas. The scale can vary but you are guaranteed to find more than a handful of jewels that will work perfectly with 1/6th scale (Barbie) dolls.

Chips and Beer Cans rement

I have been a huge fan of rement for years but it can be quite difficult for people who live outside of Japan to purchase it for a reasonable price. Back in the day, I bought a few single boxes from eBay but individual blind boxes can range from $5- $50 on eBay. Some full sets can be hundreds of dollars depending on if it’s discontinued or not.

Rement Blind Box Close-Up

Recently, I discovered a site call Plaza Japan that ships to the United States for a reasonable amount and sells rement at retail prices. The shipping is comparable to eBay except without the huge product up-charge. And if you stock up at one time, then the shipping seems almost not-too-bad :)

Rement has come to describe any highly-detailed miniature found in a Japanese blind box. However, several other companies in Japan produce a similar product. For example, Orcara miniatures can be purchased on eBay for roughly the retail price of rement, however, the quality is not as stellar. They are a great alternative but they do not have as large of a catalog as Rement.

Orcara Blind Boxes

Also, Gashapon sets are pervasive on eBay. Gashapon are a variety of themed miniatures that are purchased from toy vending machines in Japan. I believe that they are exceptionally cheap when purchased directly so eBay prices are usually not terrible, as a result.

Gashapon Sega Consoles

Since finding Plaza Japan, I have amassed a nice collection and will be posting unboxing reviews to highlight the products in detail. Keep coming back for a new review until the sad day that I run out :(

So what do you think? Would you pay $35- $60 for a full set of these highly-detailed miniatures? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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